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graphicWe think it’s time to give the world a good buzz.graphic

So we came up with something simple but kind of radical. A daily coffee experience that has the power to make your day a little happier. Our farm-fresh beans are sourced from growers that share our values, and our syrups and flavors are whipped up in-house without any fillers or fake stuff. It’s goodness that you can feel from the inside out. Which brings us to the reason we’re here: to “Share the Good”. We truly believe that every person has goodness inside them, and when we share that goodness with others, it creates a ripple effect that can change the community! Whether it's a kind gesture, a smile or a thoughtful word, we all can make a positive impact on the community we work and live in. And guess what? It will make you feel great too! Waygood is dedicated to start that ripple effect of positivity every single day. So, join us in spreading some positivity and making the community around us a happier, positive place.